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Six-legged Adventures: Teaching Your Toddler About Insects

“A BUG!!” It’s a loud proclamation that I love to long as we’re outside. Toddlers are fascinated by insects. These creepy crawlers play a huge role in our ecosystem, pollinating our vegetable and fruit plants, cleaning up natural debris such as leaves and logs, and serving as a food source for other organisms.

Insects share common characteristics such as six legs and three main body parts. These parts can be hard to see on a squirmy insect if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. You can guide your science tyke’s investigation of insects with the help of the Beetle Tee. The large jeweled scarab printed on the tee is the perfect example to point out the six separate legs and clearly defined head, thorax, and abdomen.

Your tyke will enjoy singing the following fun song about insects to the tune of “head, shoulders, knees, and toes!”

Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen
Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen
And six legs wiggling about
Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen

Insects are fun way to teach the science skill of classification and the Beetle Leggings can help! Ask your science tyke how the living insects they observe outside are the same or different from the ones on their leggings. What insects on the leggings have similarities or differences? Which ones does your tyke think belong together and why?

Click to find out more teaching ideas using the Beetle Tee and the Beetle Leggings!

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