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"Mommy, where does my food go?" A toddler's lesson in digestion

“Mommy, the food is in my tummy!” Yes, that’s true, and my little science tyke is capable of understanding this and so much more when it comes to why we need to eat and where our food goes when we do. Food provides the energy our bodies need to work. We need to eat healthy food so that we can run, jump, and play! To get that energy from food, our bodies need to digest the food.

Digestion sounds like a fancy word for a toddler to learn, but it just means to break food apart. If there is one thing my toddler already understands, it’s breaking stuff up. To develop that basic understanding into a deeper awareness of how her body works, we use the Digestive System Tee.

When my tyke is wearing her digestive system tee at the dinner table, we have an awesome opportunity to teach her about how her body works and get her excited about fueling her body with healthy foods. She puts a bite of noodles in her mouth, where digestion begins, and we talk about how her teeth are mashing up the pasta and her saliva is making the food soft. After she swallows, we trace her finger along the parts of her shirt and talk about what happens to the food.

My tyke loves to talk about how her body processes and uses food. And now that she has a basic understanding of how her food moves through her body, she is paying more attention when we say, “Eat your vegetables.” She knows her body needs healthy nutrients to absorb.

Happy eating!


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  • Brilliant! Love the color-coded lesson!

    Dru Nordmark

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